As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another .

                                                              -- Collaboration

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The Need -- Statistic and Stories

​​​​​​​​In South Carolina and in the region of the state served by AccessHealth Pee Dee, nearly 1 in 6 people does not have health insurance.*  That can be a problem when someone without health coverage is admitted into the hospital or seen in the emergency department, because the average cost per inpatient day in SC is $1,792.
                                                                    For instance, South Carolina has the 7th highest rate of                                                                                 diabetes 
among adults in the nation. And diabetes is the 7th                                                                           leading cause of death in South Carolina.**  Yet, diabetes can                                                                       be controlled if patients are monitored by a medical                                                                                        professional and receive the appropriate medications.
                                                                    It’s better for the patient and the doctor to work together to

                                                                    prevent a chronic health problem becoming a worsening issue.                                                                     Yet, people without health insurance or a low-income, who face

                                                                    high out-of-pocket costs and often delay seeking care until a                                                                         problem becomes serious.
AccessHealth Pee Dee and the other AccessHealth Networks in the state seek to find ongoing health care and medical homes for eligible persons to keep them healthy, out of the hospital and at work or home.
Our Mission
AccessHealth Pee Dee’s Mission is to provide a care coordination network among community partners in Chesterfield, Clarendon, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marlboro  and Marion Counties to effectively and efficiently direct at-risk individuals to the RIGHT healthcare provider, at the RIGHT time, in order to have the best possible opportunity to achieve a better health outcome.
Current Funders and Partners
Duke Endowment provides key funding support for AccessHealth Pee Dee. McLeod Health leads the effort in this area. Yet, this help alone is not enough. We need support from medical professionals to volunteer their time and resources, as well as financial support from individuals.

In addition to the support of the Duke Endowment and McLeod Health, see our major partners.  
To donate to Access Health Pee Dee, click here.  Your donation will be handled by the McLeod Foundation. Be sure to specify that your financial contribution is to be allocated to AccessHealth Pee Dee.
Medical Professionals
We can always use additional family practice physicians or

specialists to help serve the sizable number of people needing

care. Without needed check-ups, preventative care and other

health care, individuals and families will delay seeking care.

Small, treatable or preventable problems, left untreated, often

result in serious or chronic problems that require hospitalization

or lead to life-long problems.

If you’re a medical professional that would like to help, send us

an email. 

*Data from Kaiser Family Foundation and
**SC Revenue & Fiscal Affairs Office, Division of Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Nov. 2015.


Would You Like To Help?

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